Brilliant Crafts and Wares Fair

I will be selling scarves, cards and drawing reproductions at this fair this weekend.  Hope to see lots of Des Moines finest there! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/374878536008630


New costumes

Using neon yellow target sheets that were on clearance I made some shorts and hood things. Pretty happy with the turn out. 


Gorilla Press IPA

Here is another beer illustration for Exile Brewing Company. 


Ramona and the Slimdudes

Please hit up ramonamuse.bandcamp.com to hear a new version of a solo song I wrote a few months ago. I have been incorporating illustration, making costumes, and last night I played as a new version of all things: Ramona and the Slimdudes. Evolving is so exciting.


New Greeting Cards on Etsy

I have listed holiday, birthday, and just because I love you cards on my etsy shop. Here are the wintery ones:


Exile Brewing beer labels

Here is a collection of beer labels I have illustrated for Exile Brewing...


Solo show

Performed the other night and it was delightful. Feeling very excited about integrating my illustrations into my performances.